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Re: How to shutdown as regular user?

* Lars Jensen (jensen@scs.unr.edu) [020218 22:36]:
> What is the best way to allow a regular user to issue the shutdown
> (or halt) command? I wan't to allow my son to halt the machine after
> having used it. For the moment I have redefined Control-alt-delete to do
> shutdown -h, but I thought there might be a better solution to a common
> problem like this one??

If your machine supports it, ACPI is really the best way to go. Just hit
the soft power button on the front of the machine and the system shuts
down cleanly and powers itself off. I dunno if it's enabled in the stock
debian kernel, but if you've ever compiled a kernel, you know it's not
tough. Then make sure you have the acpid package installed and you
should be fine.

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