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Re: Apache dynamically configured mass virtual hosting

	I'm making heavy use of the vhost_alias module on my web
server... In fact config specific for it is as follows:

LoadModule vhost_alias_module /usr/lib/apache/1.3/mod_vhost_alias.so
UseCanonicalName Off
NameVirtualHost [My Web Servers IP]
<VirtualHost [My Web Servers IP]>
 <IfModule mod_vhost_alias.c>
    VirtualDocumentRoot /var/www/%3/%2/%1
    VirtualScriptAlias /var/www/%3/%2/cgi-bin/%1

	Now I do some mod_rewrite rules to make sure everything comes
as a 3 part hostname (host.sld.tld) so when it receives a query for say
http://www.example.org/ it will look in /var/www/org/example/www for the
DocumentRoot and /var/www/org/example/cgi-bin/www for any /cgi-bin/

	With this setup 'apache -S' returns:

VirtualHost configuration:
[My Web Server IP]	is a NameVirtualHost
			default server [server hostname] (/etc/apache/httpd.conf:1067)
			port 80 namevhost [server hostname] (/etc/apache/httpd.conf:1067)

	So from what you did provide the only difference it seems is
that I'm using NameVirtualHost... And have my mod_vhost directives
within the <VirtualHost> block...


On Tue, Feb 19, 2002 at 05:04:37PM +0100, J. Paul Bruns-Bielkowicz wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to setup apache for dynamically configured mass virtual hosting.
> I've followed the documentation explicitly.
> LoadModule vhost_alias_module /usr/lib/apache/1.3/mod_vhost_alias.so
> UseCanonicalName Off
> LogFormat "%V %h %l %u %t \"%r\" %s %b" vcommon
> CustomLog logs/access_log vcommon
> VirtualDocumentRoot /www/hosts/%0/docs
> VirtualScriptAlias  /www/hosts/%0/cgi-bin
> After stopping and restarting apache output for apache -S
> is:
> VirtualHost configuration:
> There don't seem to be any virtual hosts. All I get is error 404 regardless
> of whether I use the IP address or www.name.server.org
> My server is Apache/1.3.22 (Unix) Debian GNU/Linux mod_ssl/2.8.5
> OpenSSL/0.9.6a PHP/4.1.1
> Any suggestions are welcome.
> Thanks,
> J. Paul Bruns-Bielkowicz
> http://www.america.prv.pl
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