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Squid enforcing

I have  2 routes/gateways to the internet. I want squid to use gateway A and all other traffic gateway B. In case of problems on route through A I want squid to use route through B as an alternative.

I managed this by having the default route going through B; having squid to give it a parent (the ISP's) ; using the route-command to lead squid through gateway A to this parent. 

It works but .... every new lookup for new urls by squid gives some (initial) traffic through gateway B (is isdn so costs money). I think squid tries to determine the fastest connection, direct or through the parent (rtt).

My question is: does anyone know how to solve this problem.

Squid runs on Potato some modifications of squid.config, where the folowing two lines should do it:

cache_peer proxy-parent-at-isp parent 8080 3128 no-query
prefer_direct off

I also tried to add the line:


But that was not recognized at the restart of squid.

Piet Knoester

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