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Re: Suggestion for next Debian release

>>>>> "ben" == ben  <benfoley@rcn.com> writes:

    ben> On Saturday 16 February 2002 06:52 pm, Carel Fellinger wrote:
    >> On Sat, Feb 16, 2002 at 06:37:23PM -0800, ben wrote:
    >> > On Saturday 16 February 2002 06:33 pm, you wrote:
    >> > > On Saturday 16 February 2002 11:41 am, MH wrote:
    >> > > [snip]
    >> > >
    >> > > > and here is really no interest in ridiculing anyone and
    >> less someone > > > who would formulate constructively his
    >> criticism and suggestions ...
    >> >
    >> > i really really don't want you to construe this as any kind
    >> of > xenophobia, but this phrase above just doesn't work in
    >> english. i have no > idea what you meant to convey by this.
    >> I admit, I'm no english man, but the sentence you fail to parse
    >> seem clear as can be to my foreign eyes:) Or were you just
    >> kidding?
    >> To me it says, that we on this list have no interest in
    >> ridiculing anyone, and especially not someone that formulates
    >> his criticism and suggestions in a constructive way.
Thanks Carel, it's nice to have a personal translator ;-)
    ben> no, i wasn't kidding, and thanks for the translation. perhaps
    ben> it's all the more apparent to you precisely because you are
    ben> not a native english speaker.

    ben> that said, grammar does count in english, primarily because
    ben> it lacks any basis in logic, having been derived from a broad
    ben> corruption of romance (latin based; spanish, french, italian)
    ben> and germanic languages (german, dutch, and all that of the
    ben> scandinavian countries--except for finnish, which, by its
    ben> name, desribes, at least phonetically, notice of its own
    ben> imminent demise).

Thanks for the lesson (my side line is teaching this stuff in German
or Spanish, so I always welcome some fresh air). I know my English is
bad and I can bear with it. I hope you speak German, Spanish, French,
Portuguese or a bit of Russian so we easily will find a common ground
for our discussion.

    ben> nonetheless, while the rules of english lack logic, those
    ben> rules do, however, have significance in usage, particularly
    ben> where one seeks to make a salient point based on tenuous
    ben> grounds.

    ben> given your translation--which by its existence justifies its
    ben> necessity--i am moved to respond to the original poster that
    ben> people in glass houses are well advised to not throw stones.

That's not very logical "which by it's existence justifies", when you asked
for it (a paraphrase, not a "translation")  before.

Ok the point was: It was intended as an intersection of a general
sentence "who formulates" and a personal observation (subjunctive
"if you would formulate"); you could call it a kind of "contaminatio"

So it was intentional nonsense.

And obviously it didn't work out (for you at least), so I'll confine
myself to technical answers.   


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