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Debian proxying using http/ftp, and writing to CD

Hello, I'd maintain numerous Debian machines now (just set up a lab). I'd
like to be able to install a `stable' machine, and then upgrade to woody,
without using the network (I'd like to get the updates from a home, to
save money at work (internet access costs $$$).

So my problem can be split into two parts.

1) How can I use squid to inteligently store downloaded debian packages
into a debian repository, and then...

2) ...every fortnight or so, I can cut the updates to CD. Is there
anything special to do to make a Debian CD. I'd like the CD to be a woody
install CD, really, but only with the packages I use, not all of them.

I've tried using debian-proxy, buts its a bit flaky, and only uses rsync.
I'd rather use a closer/faster mirror, none of which support rsync.

I've also tried using debian-mirror, but its broken...

Has anyone got a HOWTO for something like this???

Cameron Kerr

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