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Re: Printing problems

"Ernesto Gonzalez Gomez" <ernestogg@softhome.net> writes:
>After any job, I have a blank page.  I tried printing to a file, and
>then coping this file to /dev/lp0, it works, but when I use lpr with
>the same file, I have again the blank page at the end.  My printcap

Afterward, "Liam Black" <Liam_Black@PanCanadianEnergy.com> writes:
> I don't know what sort of printer you're using, but some printers have an
> option at the printer console itself to "Print Separator Page" or "Print
> Separator Page After Each Job".
> Is it only under linux that you have this problem with this printer? If
> not, you may want to read your printer documentation and see if this is the
> case.

I have the exact same problem going from cupsomatic-ppd_0.20010420-3
to foomatic-bin_0.20020213-1, in fact I've filed a bug report,
Bug#131786. It's definately a Debian-only problem. Didn't happen with
the previous version of cupsomatic-ppd and doesn't happen from
windoze. I'm using a HP ColorLaserJet 5M PS and cups (Debian
cupsys 1.1.12-5 package) on Debian testing distribution.

What filter are you using Ernesto? Magicfilter, cups, etc. What type
of printer?


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