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Re: Installation Problem with Potato

In Syslog messages, the only errors which appear are the same "unable to
mount rescue floppy"... I couldn't find anything else which looked relavant
to this. (is there a way to scroll up through the stuff that's off the

When I switched to a shell console, I discovered that the CD is not actually
mounted. I had to mkdir /cdrom, and use mount /dev/hdc /cdrom -r -t iso9660
to actually mount it. THen, trying to cp /dev/cdrom /dev/null

 (Why it's trying to mount that, I don't know.)



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> On Tue, Feb 12, 2002 at 11:06:10AM -0500, Wayne Byarlay wrote:
> > I am attempting to install Debian Linux Potato version via CD. [...]
> > The cd spins up, but then it says, "Unable to mount the rescue floppy.
> > Obviously, the CD can be read, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to
> > this far. What could be my problem
> Don't be too sure about that. it could be a media error, just in middle of
> kernel.tgz . Can you spot any syslog messages? have a cat on
> dmesg and switch to the debugging console (on alt-f4 iirc).
> It's easy to have the CD tested: switch to a shell console, cp /dev/cdrom
> /dev/null and watch for error messages.  (you might have to replace
> with /dev/hdc etc., respectively)
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