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Re: Sendmail or t-online prob?

also sprach Florian Struck <florian.struck@t-online.de> [2002.02.13.1859 +0100]:
> Im trying to send testmails to my new account at t-online (im having a dsl 
> connection with them in germany) now its so that i use mainly mutt and kmail 
> both use sendmail and i can send mails to any of my adresses ( ihave other 
> accounts one at 12move.de and on my domain wich is located at leiwerk.net i 
> got two mail adresses) only to florian.struck@t-online.de i it doesnt send 
> them ... they just dont arrive no errors no nothing !? 
> If i use an other outgoing mail server ie: mail.leitwerk.net or so one that 
> is not on my local net it works perfectly.
> ps: im using sendmail without any own modifications , so to say "out of the 
> box" so why all the others but not t-online?

because t-online is paranoid and uses dialup listings for blachholes.
in short: mailin??.sul.t-online.de will not accept mail from
*.dip.t-dialin.net and other known dialup hosts. it sucks, i know, and
you'll have to use smtprelay.t-online.de as a relay after registering
with them to be able to send mail.

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