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Re: 486 SX

On Wed, Feb 13, 2002 at 06:16:18PM +0000, Gerard Robin wrote:
> but my CD-ROM drive is ignored by the bios of these machines
> and so I must install linux with diskets 1.44, but I have two
> questions: is it possible to do it ? 

Installing debian from floppy disks is no problem at all.

> And if it's possible how can I do this.

Get the 6 disk-images from your local debian mirror, e.g.

They are 1.4MB each and get burnt to disk by
	cp file.bin /dev/fd0
	dd if=file.bin of=/dev/fd0
	using the dos/windows program rawrite.exe.

smack the one that got rescue.bin into drive A:, reboot, and there you go.

Johannes Franken
Professional unix/network development

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