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Re: dselect and resolving

On Monday 11 February 2002 17:43, Michel Loos wrote:
> Em Seg, 2002-02-11 às 13:50, John Cichy escreveu:
> > Hello all,
> >
> > It seems the dselect ignores the host file when updating it's lists. I
> > have a debian mirror in my DMZ and have added an entry in my hosts file
> > to use an internal address to access the mirror, but it seems that
> > dselect is ignoring that entry and trying the public address instead.
> > Does anyone know how to make dselect look at the hosts file, my host.conf
> > has the entry :
> >
> > order hosts,bind
> >
> > so I would think that it would resolve to the address in the host file.
> >
> > TIA,
> > John
> Did you add your mirror in the /etc/apt/sources.list ?
> If you did, apt-get update (or dselect -> update) should check your
> mirror.
> Usually they still will connect to the public server for download since
> probably your mirror is not as uptodate as the public server
> Michel.

The machine is not trying to connect to the public mirrors because I removed 
the public entries from the sources.list file. I have 15 machines that I am 
converting and 5 more that will be added. I created the mirror and set up a 
cron to keep me within about 4 hours of the public servers before I even 
started the conversion so I would limit the use of my 'conectivity' bandwidth 
and also to be 'kind' to the public servers. The problem is that dselect 
hangs while it is trying to connect to the mirror. This machine was built 
from my mirror while it was on my private network. The fact that it resolved 
to the public address while on the private network was ok because the 
router/firewall passes from private to DMZ. The mirror is a virtual web 
server on my primary web server so that does not allow me to just define the 
IP address of the mirror in the sources.list file. 

I can't seem to figure out a way to get dselect to resolve from the hosts 


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