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apt-get and 'deb file:\'

I used to have debian 2.2 installed on one box, and at that time I was able to 'apt-get install foo.deb', where 'foo.deb' was   any file I'd just put into my working directory. The directory didn't was never mentioned in 'sources.list'. 

Now, I'm working on a different machine, still 2.2, and when I do 'apt-get ./foo.deb', it goes through it's database check, but then says "could not find package". 

I've tried putting 'deb file:\home\tom' into sources.list, but I get a "malformed sources.list" complaint.

I've also R'd the FM, and now, as a last resort, I appeal to debian-user. What do I need to do to install a deb that's sitting in my PWD?


Tom Schuetz   |   schuetz@mind.net

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