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Re: Alien/RPM keeps trying to kill KDE. Help?

On Wed, Feb 06, 2002 at 02:03:09PM -0500, Phil Edwards wrote:
> Okay, there's a software package out there which is being tracked by
> Debian, but only very slowly.  Some random guy built RPMs for it, so I
> thought I'd grab them, and then use either 'rpm' or 'alien' to put the
> package onto my testing/unstable machine.
> Grief...
>     - alien wants rpm (and so do I, so it's not really alien's fault)
>     - rpm depends on librpm4
>     - librpm4 conflicts with librpm0, and
>     - something called "kpackage" depends on librpm0

This will hopefully be fixed very soon, since rpm had failed to build on
m68k but recently compiled correctly.

> I don't use kpackage, but I can't remove it, because
>     - kde depends on kpackage
> So anytime I try to do anything with 'rpm' dselect/apt-get attempts to
> remove the entire KDE suite.

Are you sure? The package kde itself is only a metapackage, removing it
would not cause any other kde applications to be removed.

> Maybe a bug should be filed against KDE?  Why does it depend on kpackage?

kde is only a meta package which pulls in all/most of the kde packages
to make it easier to install.  The bug exists on rpm already and I
believe was fixed today, I haven't looked in the archive yet.


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