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Re: Newbie Needing Help With Sound

Mario Vukelic wrote:

On Tue, 2002-02-05 at 16:36, Kent West wrote:

"make-kpkg kernel_image" should be the only thing you have to do. It'll compile the kernel and modules, put everything where it needs to be, reconfigure lilo.conf to use the new kernel, and ask if you want to run lilo to make the changes to the boot record. Then just reboot, and voila! you're running a new kernel, hopefully with working sound.

actually, make-kpkg kernel_image builds a deb in /usr/src. You still
have to install it with dpkg -i kernel-image<version>.deb

Doh! My bad. Since I was doing this from memory, I forgot that step.

Thanks for the correction.


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