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Re: What is a good, small, web browser?

Karsten M. Self <kmself@ix.netcom.com> wrote:
> on Fri, Feb 01, 2002 at 11:29 AM +0100, Karsten Heymann
(karsten.heymann@gmx.de) wrote:
> > * Seneca Cunningham <seneca@slemish.com> [020201 11:05]:
> > > David Moore <davmre@bellsouth.net> wrote:
> >
> > > I have a very good reason for not wanting to install GNOME or another
> > > desktop manager. I tried GNOME about a month ago, and it's performance
> > > was similar to that of my 286 when windows 3.0 was installed on it.
> > > You really could doze off while it was loading.
> >
> > Well, galeon depends on the gnome libs installed, but it does not depend
> > on gnome running. If your disk space is not a problem, you could try it
> > out. Apart from that, w3m and links are very cool too (and don't forget
> > netcat :-))
> I'll also strongly plug Galeon.  If you're not violently allergic to
> GNOME libs (and yes, it does suck in a whole mess of them, along with
> all of Mozilla), it's an ass-kicking browser.
> It's not for older/slower boxen though.  I'd recommend *NO LESS* than a
> PII-233, and think you'll be happier with a PIII-600+ CPU.  For memory,
> 128 MiB minimum, 256 strongly recommended.  Particularly under intensive
> use (I can easily get over 100 tabs/windows open) it sucks both CPU and
> memory.  But it does good things with both.

I think I'll stay away from galeon with my current system, it is a P-100
with 16M ram.

> Otherwise, Browse-X is the best full-featured, lightweight, SSL-enabled
> browser I've run across.

I decided to try Browse-X, and I have been taking a look at how it handles
my local files. It doesn't take too long to load itself, or some local
documents, but it duplicates the address in the links. If the address is
file:///usr/share/doc/foo.html in the file, it is interpreted as
file:///usr/share/doc/foo.html/usr/share/doc/foo.html. Is there some
configuration that I haven't done, and couldn't find out about?

Thanks for any help,


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