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Re: XFree86 config for i810E 1280x960

begin  Dimitri Maziuk  quotation:

> * Craig Dickson (crdic@yahoo.com) spake thusly:
> ...
> > So, now the question: why does XFree86 4.1 (Sid) insist on using the
> > vaguely flickery 60Hz mode rather than the nice 85Hz mode? 
> Because it's just a dumb computer program?

I guess so! I still think it's connected with that line in the log
about the clock range having an upper limit of 136 MHz. But I can't
figure out where it gets that idea.

> > Now, as best I can understand all this, it seems that both my i810E and
> > my Philips monitor should support the 85 MHz 1280x960 mode, so the next
> > question is how to force XFree86 to use it, and whether I risk damaging
> > any of my hardware in doing so? 
> man XF86Config-4. You can specify ModeLine's, just like in X v.3.
> Xvidtune is your friend, too. As for damaging the hardware -- unlikely: 
> modern hardware is smart enough to shut itself off (YMMV, of course).

Google gave me a number of possible modes. I ended up settling (for now)
for a 75 Hz 1280x960 that works well. If I ever get really ambitious, I
can try for an 80-90 Hz mode, but 75 looks pretty solid.


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