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Re: Why do I need all these apt-howto-* files?

* Davide Inglima - limaCAT <limacat@libero.it> spake thus:
>> Remove apt-howto and the language specific versions you don't want.  As I
>> understand it, the apt-howto package now only contains dependancies for
>> all language variants as opposed to the howto itself.  Keeping (as an
>> example) apt-howto-en would thus keep the actual howto available and
>> upgradeable.
> Hi, actually I had the same problem as Ron, so I followed the apt-get
> remove procedure you described. Unfortunately I came accross this problem:
> I removed apt-howto, a series of translated apt-howtos fine. However 
> the brasilian/portuguese version of apt-howto won't uninstall.
> even:~# dpkg -l | grep apt-how
> ii  apt-howto-en   1.7.6-4        A Guide to APT
> ii  apt-howto-pt-b 1.7.6-4        A Guide to APT
> even:~# apt-get remove apt-howto-pt-b                     
> Reading Package Lists... Done
> Building Dependency Tree... Done
> E: Couldn't find package apt-howto-pt-b

That would be because there *is* no package named that. It is
conveniently named apt-howto-pt-br. The 'r' on the end is hidden by dpkg
-l because the name of the package is too long. This mends it (in bash):

COLUMNS=200 dpkg -l

or, you can simply resize you (a|x|e)term ;)

> Using "Aptitude" however I managed to uninstall it.
> Is that because of a mismatch in naming of the package of the pt-b
> translation?

No, it is because aptitude spelled the name of the package correctly ;)


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