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Re: Problem with tasksel

On Sat, Feb 02, 2002 at 10:10:49PM -0800, ben wrote:
> >
> > I think this is unsubstantiated information.  I have used it under
> > testing/unstable environment.
> if you've used tasksel under unstable, you're a better tasksel user than 
> i--which may well be true but i do get the sme result as stig.

Yes.  I am not that good though.  Strange.  It works here.  I just
checked.  Come to think of it, I understand what is happening.  Read on.

I did upgrade through (In short):

# apt-get update; apt-get install apt; apt-get dist-upgrade

Then I run "tasksel" and works.  Point is I have already upgraded to
"woody" version of "tasksel" since "dist-upgrade" installed new

If you did not do "apt-get install tasksel", "potato" version of
"tasksel" is still there and does not work in woody since mechanism of
tasksel changed between potato->woody. 

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