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Re: Problem with tasksel

* Kapil Khosla <khoslakapil@lycos.com> spake thus:
> Hi,
> I was installing woody over the network and had some problem so could
> not install the base system.  After rebooting I configured the problem
> with the network but now how to i resume the installation ?
> I just get the prompt and when i run tasksel it says No tasks were
> found Did you update your available file ?
> Can you tell me whats wrong and how to rectify the problem, Thanks
> Kapil

I might be wrong, but I think the problem is that tasksel "Does Not
Work(tm)(R)" with anything other than potato. I'm guessing that nobody
have 'defined' or set up the dependencies for the packages yet. I am
further guessing that this will not happen before we get a freeze.


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