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Re: internet connection - was: solved: CS4236 ...

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> Klaus writes:
> > It looks like this:
> > domain whidbey.net
> > search mail.whidbey.net whidbey.net
> > nameserver
> > nameserver
> >
> > Anything wrong here?
> The 'domain' line is useless. The 'search' line overrides it. It is very
> unlikely that you need it anyway, though, so take it out.
> Done.
> The 'search'
> line probably does no damage (other than to waste some time), but it
> certainly is useless and was put there by someone who does not understand
> its purpose. Take it out. Man resolv.conf.
> The ip's appear to be whidbey's nameservers.
check /etc/host.conf. it should look like this:
order hosts,bind
multi on

That's exactly the contents of my /etc/host.conf.

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