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Re: Coverting elm alliases file for use bu mutt?

* Stan Brown <stanb@awod.com> spake thus:
> On Sat Feb  2 06:43:06 2002 Stig Brautaset wrote...
>>* Stan Brown <stanb@awod.com> spake thus:
>>> I'm migrating to a new woody mail machine, and switching from elm to
>>> mutt in the process. I have several hunderd alliases in my elm config.
>>> Has anyone a sugestion as to how to convert these for use by mutt?
>>You won't like this answer, but here it goes: "vim".


> OK, thnaks for showing me how to do that.
> Now, the next question is, what is the format of the mutt allias file.
> Looking through the manuall I am a bit confused. In elm you specify:
> 1. the alias (shortcut)
> 2. Whether it's a person or a list
> 3. The address that the alliase expands to
> 4. The text that will appear on your screen to confirm which alias you
>    have slected (long description).
> Thes fields don't really seem to match up to the fileds in mutt. Am I
> missing somethign?

Do it the easy way; let mutt create an alias for you, and just copy the
structure. Aliases are created with mutt by hitting the 'a' key.

HTH :)


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