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Re: Coverting elm alliases file for use bu mutt?

* Stan Brown <stanb@awod.com> spake thus:
> I'm migrating to a new woody mail machine, and switching from elm to
> mutt in the process. I have several hunderd alliases in my elm config.
> Has anyone a sugestion as to how to convert these for use by mutt?

You won't like this answer, but here it goes: "vim".

Honestly, I used vim and a very simple macro that I repeated many times
to convert my gnus aliases to mutt aliases. Go to the first alias you
want to convert, then follow this:

1. Hit 'q1' in commandmode (you should get "RECORDING" in the status bar).

2. Hit '^' to go to the beginning of the line.

3. Use general movement commands when editing this alias that will work
   for all the aliases (e.g.  move to end of line, or move to '@' then
   back to the preceeding space or whatever using the search-movements). 

4. As your last command, do a 'j^' in commandmode to move to the
   beginning of the next line, so that your macro can be executed
   several times automagically without you having to change line
5. Hit 'q' in commandmode to finish the recording.

6. Hit '@1' in commandmode to check that your macro works to your
   satisfaction, then use 'N@1' where N is the number of remaining
   aliases to do the whole lot. 

7. Don't worry, vim has excellent undo-features for when you fuck up ;)


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