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Accelerated NVidia XWindows ? ....

This link may help.


I am under the impression that the nvidia modules are release binary
only.  You should probably search the nvidia site for the modules.


>>>>> "hanasaki" == hanasaki  <hanasaki@hanaden.com> writes:
  hanasaki> I had a Voodoo3500TV and just replaced it with a Geforce 2 and put a new 
  hanasaki> Geforce 3 in another box.

  hanasaki> The Voodoo had a tdfx kernel module that enabled DRI and acceleration of 
  hanasaki> XWindows.  It does not look like there is DRI support for the NVidia 
  hanasaki> chips.  How is acceleration and DRI accomplished.

  hanasaki> ver of X: XFree 4... from Woody

  hanasaki> -- 
  hanasaki> hanasaki@hanaden.com
  hanasaki> 	Spam : def: It's not kosher.

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