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Re: Which FTP client?

On Sat, 2 Feb 2002 09:37:20 +0100
Balazs Javor <jb3@freemail.hu> wrote:

> I'm trying to replace my current favorite FTP client
> CuteFTP with a Linux one.
> Which is the best client out there?
> I'd like to be able to:
> -easyly create a queue of files and directories (recursive)
>  to be downloaded
> -leave it unattended
> For the second point it should be able to reconnect if
> disconnected and retry say every 60 seconds if it does not
> get it. Then it should resume the downloads without asking
> questions.
> Any advise is greatly appreciated!
> Many thanks for your help in advance!
> best regards,
> Balazs

It seems that you're looking for download manager.

I use pavuk (console and gui), which also does http. Two other
dual-purpose downloaders are the popular wget (console only, but you can
get a fistful of front-ends for it) and aria (gtk-only). I like pavuk
because it's intelligent enough to let you start multiple instances of
it. With wget, accidentally starting two instances of the same download
can result in horrible file corruption. pavuk has file-locking
capablities that prevent one session from interfering with another.  

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