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Re: Woody root on RAID and 2.4.17

hi george

some simple tests...comments...

a.   try to boot debian off of one single scsi disk first
	- copy the initrd.tgz file and the kernel
	onto floppy

	- you will need it to read the scsi disks...
	and cant read teh disk till you have the scsi driver
	( catch-22 problem )

	- make a boot floppy that boots debian on one scsi disk first...
	( at least i would wanna know that i can boot a regular
	( scsi disk first from itself... and boot the scsi off a floppy

b.  make sure that your partition type is fd ( raid autodetect ) 
    when you are ready to build your sda1 and sdb1 root raid ...
	- i assume you have a typo below for your /boot raid partition

c.  make sure lilo.conf has a line for initrd=initrd.gz
	and use lba32 nt linear
	i'd also remove the chs info from lilo.conf

- patches arent needed for raid0/raid1 for 2.2 or 2.4 kernels...
	and probably required for raid5 on most 2.2 kernels

have fun raiding..
http://www.1U-Raid5.net .... 8x 200GB 1U-Raid5

On Sat, 2 Feb 2002, George Karaolides wrote:

> Hi,
> Has anyone successfully built a woody system with root fs on software
> RAID and kernel 2.4 ?
> I am running several installations of potato with root fs on RAID and
> kernel 2.2.19 with the raid-a1 patch, but my attempts to build one with
> woody and kernel version 2.4.17 have failed so far.
> I've searched the web quith thoroughly but have failed to locate an
> indication that to build root fs on RAID with 2.4, a different strategy
> must be followed to the one used with the 2.2 kernels and the "new"
> RAID patches.
> When booting, lilo fails with either L<nothing> or L 01 01 01 01 01...  I
> have tried both "lba32" and "linear" in lilo.conf without result.
> I am following the same method as I used successfully with potato and
> kernel 2.2.19:
> - Root fs on /dev/md2 (RAID-1) (sda2+sdb2)
> - /boot in /dev/md1 (RAID-1) (sda2+sdb2)
> Included in lilo.conf:
> # The root fs device
> disk=/dev/md2
> 	# Geometry obtained by fdisk -ul
> 	cylinders=8704
> 	heads=64
> 	sectors=32
> 	# We will use the SCSI bios to choose which MBR to boot from;
> 	# in which case it will be assigned BIOS ID 0x80
> 	bios=0x80
> 	# The /boot device, as a partition of the root device; this is
> 	# a trick to tell lilo where to look for the /boot data.
> 	partition=/dev/md1
> 		# The sector the /boot device starts from
> 		# (first sector of one of the partitions in the array
> 		# /dev/md1, i.e. /dev/sda1 or /dev/sdb1; life is easier
> 		# if they are both the same).
> 		start=32
> # The MBR we will actually be installing to.  We can change this
> # to /dev/sdb and rul lilo again so we can boot from either disk.
> boot=/dev/sda
> # The root device
> root=/dev/md2
> <remainder of lilo.conf is fairly standard>
> Any ideas?

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