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DHCP client and server scripts - merging results


Before I start to work on my own script I want to find out if it already exits in some way, shape or form.

Here is my setup...

I have a dual processor P3 running sid with 3 nic cards:
   eth0 = cable modem
   eth1 =  local LAN
   eth2/ppp0 = DSL line (pppoe).

Both the cable modem and DSL nics are configured for dhclient. I use dhcpd to provide IP address to 4 PC's and 2 printers at the house. What would like is to take the DNS addresses retrieved by dhclient and stick them in the dhcpd.conf, then have dhcpd restarted to apply the changes. This way when either ISP changes any server info on me all the changes are automatically made on the server and all I need to do is release/renew on the PC's.

It would also be cool if the script automatically changed the resolv.conf, host, etc. settings of the server so it remained updated (got to run apt-get every now and then :).

Thanks in advance.

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