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X install problems

I'm having problems installing X. I'm installing using official debian
cds. One thing I didn't note in my earlier email is that I didn't
install LILO
but used a boot disk.
My monitor has a the following:
H 30 - 71 kHz at a max of 1280x1024
V 50 - 160 Hz
My video card is a NVIDIA Riva TNT2 with 30MB of memory.
My mouse is a PS/2 which I install under /dev/psaux.
The installer usually takes all this information and I choose to install

xdm, I try to install one of the X packages from the simple package
selection and then I am later asked which server I want. I choose SVGA.
I am then asked to configure X with xfree86config. I have tried not
doing this which results in no XF86Config file. If I do configure it one

of two things happens.
- I get error messages saying can't connect to the X server, errno 111
- xdm never comes up and when I use startx I get a screen that is
roughly 4 times the size of my monitor.

I'm sorry but I don't have a XF86Config file because I wiped debian off
my machine.


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