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Re: nVidia GeForce Ti

On Wed, Jan 30, 2002 at 12:00:55PM -0800, Didier Malenfant wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm also trying to get a Leadtek card with the GeForce3 Ti 500 to work 
> under 2.2r4.
> I couldn't get it to work under XFree3.3 (would only display in 640x480 
> 8bit) so I upgraded to XFree4.1.0 with Nvidia's own drivers.
> I can now get a decent resolution but X is acting very weird, the system 
> locks up every now and then for 5-10 seconds (the mouse cursor 
> dissapears when that happens) and then returns to normal.
> It's obviously not happy. :o)
> The machine is a dual proc running 2.4.17 but I removed smp support from 
> the kernel to check if that was an issue with the video drivers.
> I know that won't help you much but maybe we can share experiences.

I've got a TNT2 M64 here. Using NVidia drivers and GL system and X4. No
problems. Have you tried compiling the DRI extensions in the kernel?
Also, check what your XF86Config-4 file is loading, should be something

Section "Module"
        Load    "ddc"
        Load    "dbe"
        Load    "extmod"
        Load    "glx"
        Load    "pex5"
        Load    "record"
        Load    "xie"
        Load    "bitmap"
        Load    "freetype"
        Load    "speedo"
        Load    "type1"
        Load    "vbe"
        Load    "int10"

Also check that your config file is loading the "nvidia" driver rather
than the "nv" driver.




Matthew Sackman

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