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Re: IP Chains question - under 2.4.x

Alvin Oga wrote:

hi ya

i donno what all the major features/advances of iptables is over

ipchains runs under 2.4.x kernels if you enable the "ipchains" modules
in the firewall config section of the kernel
	- ipchains runs unmodified under 2.4...

if you are using a generic 2.4.x kernel with all the modules..
	insmod ipchains
	ipchains -L

The initial question was asking for tracking connections,
thing that iptables offers and not ipchains.
Iptables is not that different from ipchains just
need to rtfm a little and find out how to configure connectiontracking
and a couple of other handy things. What's the big fuss?
If you don't want connection tracking and a more secure
firewall, then stick with ipchains. No problem.

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