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Re: realplayer seem can not plugin to netscape477

On Thu, Jan 31, 2002 at 10:46:03PM -0500, eric wrote:
> Dear realplayer tech or unix/linux programmers:
>   On the netscape477, even I download realplayer,
> everytime I click vedio at cnn.com, it still repeat to ask me to get
> plug in again which I already did, that's why I get the
> rp8_linux20_libc6_i386_cs2.bin
> so at /usr/local/RealPlayer8/realplay, I choose channel, it open a
> navigator window(mozilla) I choose cnn, add to realplayer, it open
> another dialog window, ask using which file to open, I choose
> realplay, then it show error on a small window.

In your RealPlayer8 directory there should be a file called


You need to run in as a _user_ for all _users_ that run netscape 4.77.
If you look in the file it says:

mkdir $HOME/.netscape >/dev/null 2>&1
mkdir $HOME/.netscape/plugins >/dev/null 2>&1

if [ ! -d $HOME/.netscape/plugins ] ; 
    abort "Could not create $HOME/.netscape/plugins."

this is where it copies the plugins - in 
.netscape/plugins in your home directory.

Then restart netscape..

Then start netscape :)

Then in URL type about:plugins and you should get a list of all
the plugins that you have installed - Real Player should be there..

- Adam

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