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Re: Difference between ssh1 ssh2 ssh3 3.0.2

On Fri, Feb 01, 2002 at 03:46:29AM -0800, Dean Roman wrote:
>    Can anyone tell the major differences between ssh1 ssh2 ssh3 3.0.2 ,
> etc.

There are two different issues here: SSH the protocol, and SSH the
implementation.  Only two major versions of the protocol exist: 1 and 2.
Use 2 where possible.  It is much improved over version 1, and is an
IETF standards track protocol.

Regarding implementations, there are more issues.  The version of ssh in
potato is an older version of OpenSSH that supports only protocol
version 1.  There is also the 'ssh-nonfree' package.  It also only
implements protocol version 1.  Personally, I think these names are
misleading.  We have essentially renamed OpenSSH to ssh in Debian.

In woody we have OpenSSH 2.5.1.  It implements SSH protocols 1 and 2.
The same holds true for OpenSSH 3.whatever that's in sid right now.
Presumable OpenSSH 3.x is "better", or else it wouldn't have been
released.  However, it's also newer and not as well tested (that's part
of why it doesn't exist in woody yet).  So there may be issues with it.

>   Why would I want one as apposed to the other?

You want to use SSH *protocol* version 2.  I don't know that version 1
has actually been cracked, but the potential is there; there are proven
cryptographic weaknesses in the protocol.

OpenSSH 2.x and 3.x are capable of using version 1 of the protocol,
which may be necessary if you need to interoperate with an
implementation that only supports protocol version 1.


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