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OT: heretic 2 crashes


this if OT but i hope i'm not the only one trying to play heretic 2 on

i patched it to version 1.06c but it crashes every time i try to open the
door at the end of the hive part 1 with the button under the lightning
spell. anyone found a way how to get to the hive part 2?

bugs reported: 4051, 4094, 4065, 4016

i tried to do the level without loading a game but unfortunately heretic 2
crashes my system (athlon 600, 384 mb ram, matrox g400dh that bad, that i
need to reboot, killing x won't help, it just kills so bad that i can nor
type nor ssh in...)

thx for any help

stderr output:
 The LIGHTNING SHIELD defensive spell.

Internal signal handler called...
Heretic II 1.06c
Built with glibc-2.1
 ... received Signal 11 (SIGSEGV): Segmentation violation (ANSI) ... 
SIGSEGV: attempting graceful exit...
Stack dump:
         0x80c2a59 :                                   heretic2 [0x80c2a59]
        0x40112d04 :                      /lib/libpthread.so.0 [0x40112d04]
        0x40173848 :                            /lib/libc.so.6 [0x40173848]
         0x8081a3c :                 heretic2(PM_AirMove+0x200) [0x8081a3c]
         0x8082fff :                      heretic2(Pmove+0x3fb) [0x8082fff]
        0x4319e57d :
/usr/local/games/heretic2/base/gamei386.so(g_ClientThink+0x941) [0x4319e57d]
         0x809630a :                 heretic2(ClientThink+0xda) [0x809630a]
         0x8096620 :    heretic2(SV_ExecuteClientMessage+0x30c) [0x8096620]
         0x8091a26 :             heretic2(SV_ReadPackets+0x136) [0x8091a26]
         0x8091d63 :                    heretic2(SV_Frame+0x2b) [0x8091d63]
         0x807ad1d :              heretic2(Qcommon_Frame+0x1b1) [0x807ad1d]
         0x80bfd46 :                       heretic2(main+0x166) [0x80bfd46]
        0x4016365f :    /lib/libc.so.6(__libc_start_main+0xbb) [0x4016365f]
         0x8071f01 :                  heretic2(XMapRaised+0x35) [0x8071f01]
Please send a full bug report to support@lokigames.com
Shutting down sound.
Shutting down input handling
Shutting down software refresh
Shutting down context...
Setting mode none for device mouse

Thanks for playing Heretic II!

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