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Re: mutt setup help, please

On Fri, Feb 01, 2002 at 08:34:38AM -0500, Stan Brown wrote:
> I'm migrating from an HP-UX workstation, as my primary machine to a woddy
> box. I'm also migrating from elm to mutt for my MUA.
> I use fetchmail to retrieve my mail, which then hands it to procmail, which
> in turn filters the mail useing the SpamBouncer (tm) recipies. Under this
> system mail from mailing lists gets stored in ~/mail/list_allias. Using elm
> on the HP, when I hit c (fro change folder) I can enter a "=" and see a
> directory of the ~/mail directory. I can then move around and select the
> desried mailbox file.
> How can I configure mutt to do something similar?

With mutt, using the default keybindings, I believe that hitting tab two or
three times instead of '=' should do the trick.
David Roundy

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