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Re: Windows vs. Linux

On 31/01/02  Bruce Burhans did speaketh:

>     Someone asked me what the difference between Windows and Linux was,
> and I presumed to answer:
>     Windows grew out of the work of self-involved   gameplayers, and
> Linux grew out of the work of people
> concerned with using the computer to make the world a better place.
>     That's my impression, anyway.

    Windows grew out of the need to make money at any cost, regardless of the
quality (or lack thereof) of the software.
    Linux grew out of a desire to have software that doesn't suck. 

    In other words, Linux is the closest thing to software that works "the way
it should" (tm). 


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"...the word HACK is used as a verb to indicate a massive amount
of nerd-like effort."  -Harley Hahn, A Student's Guide to Unix

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