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Re: Windows vs. Linux

Adam Majer responed, on the below date:

On Thu, Jan 31, 2002 at 09:49:32PM -0800,  Bruce Burhans wrote:
>     Someone asked me what the difference between Windows and Linux
> and I presumed to answer:
>     Windows grew out of the work of self-involved   gameplayers, and
> Linux grew out of the work of people
> concerned with using the computer to make the world a better place.
>     That's my impression, anyway.

Not really :)

IMHO, Windows grew out of MS-DOS with influence of Apple OS.

    *I* can't imagine anyone more self-involved than Bill Gates and his
yuppy pals, who were certainly more interested in games than networks
and data transfer. Even now, Windows has to struggle to do what
Unix/Linux can do while it sleeps.....
AFAICT, Linux grew out of need for an _affordable_ and free POSIX kernel
so that you don't have to spend billions just to run UNIX like

    And what was Unix designed to do? Play Pong on?

- Adam

I think I have a reasonable point.....


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