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Re: [SAtalk] Re: announcing documentation on setting up exim with spamassasin

On Wed, 2002-01-30 at 07:58, Phillip Deackes wrote:

> Since I use Sylpheed, which stores mail in the mh-style format, is there
> any way to get Exim to file messages in this way? I know procmail can do
> it, but can Exim?

Not directly - Mh format is a real hack (basically because of the
sequences stuff and having no defined locking mechanisms).  When I used
Mh based tools (exmh) I used to have to shell out an mhstore - and even
that needs additional locking round it to prevent trashing of the
sequences files (specifically I had exim->procmail->mhstore).

Now I just directly deliver to Maildir format.


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