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Re: announcing documentation on setting up exim with spamassasin

On Sat, 26 Jan 2002 23:52:11 -0500
>dman(dsh8290@rit.edu) is reported to have said:
>   have just whipped up some documentation regarding setting up exim
> and spamassassin.  Basically I just outlined my setup, which Works For
> Me :-).

Thanks dman. I have set it all up as you outlined, and each email now has
the line 'Received: from mail by scgf.gmx.co.uk with spam-scanned (Exim
3.33 #1 (Debian))' in the headers.

I never get an 'X-Spam-Status:' header, though. I did exactly what you
said, and added the filter lines to my .forward file. I commented out
procmail, so am not using it at all at the moment. all the mail is coming
through, but nothing is being blocked. Do I still need procmail to be
running, ie. is your configuration *on top of* the basic SA setup, or
instead of?

I am using the latest Debian package of Spamassassin, 2.01-1. It looks
like the conf file in /etc/spamassassin is empty - should there be
anything there? Should I revert back to an older version of SA?

Many thanks for your help.

Phillip Deackes
Using Debian Linux

/ \ 

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