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Re: Upgrading Potato, Kernel and installing KDE

I am thinking of moving from redhat to debian. Could you please tell me what
version of KDE 2 comes with woody. The latest stable version is KDE 2.2.2.


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Subject: Re: Upgrading Potato, Kernel and installing KDE

> Jatin Golani wrote:
> >Hello,
> >
> >I sent this mail earlier to this list, however it's
> >gone unanswered so far. I'd like to upgrade my Potato
> >system. I'd like to know the following:
> I think this was answered (though not directly) if
> you'll observe the recent threads that flew in this
> mailing list.
> >a) Is Woody very very unstable and upgrading a real
> >bad idea or is it tolerable (or more than tolerable)?
> Judging from the general mood here in the mailing list,
> I'd say tolerable enough to use (just bear with some
> quirks it still has...). The installer for Potato is
> no longer actively maintained, and Woody's close to
> being frozen (I sure hope so... maybe this year?)
> >b) Should I point my apt-get to the unstable or
> >testing versions in apt-get's sources.list.
> Woody is currently in testing, though it is widely
> believed to be close to being frozen before it would be
> released as the next stable distro. So point it to
> testing.
> >c) Is unstable called Woody or testing? What's Sid?
> Sid is the unstable branch of Debian. Amazingly, unstable
> is not so "unstable" as in "unusable" though there are
> clear exceptions to the rule that exists.
> >I'd also like to upgrade to Kernel 2.4.xx and then
> >install KDE, would really appreciate any thoughts on
> >how I should go about that.
> In woody, KDE2 is included in the list. Woody is also
> 2.4 ready, meaning you just need to slap in a new
> 2.4 kernel and you're ready to go.
> Potato - grab Adrian Bunk's unofficial packages to run
> a 2.4 kernel in Potato.
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