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Re: apt-get mutt ?????

* Theo Bierman <theob@za.uu.net> [020122 07:01]:
> Hi All
> I have been struggling to get mutt installed on my 2.2r3 poptato
> system. 
> When I run apt-get install mutt it works fine however when I go into
> it the cursor just flashes and nothing else works. I then read
> somewhere that the following needs to be installed:
> ncurses and slang

you can find the package names with
apt-cache search --names-only slang
apt-cache search --names-only ncurses
> A normal apt-get on either of these did not work so I then downloaded
> the tar.gz and ran it like that. Both installed no problem. 

Three pointers if you compile the source yourself:

1) Have the "-dev"-versions of the libraries installed too: If a package
   needs i.E. libncurses4 then to compile it you need libncurses4-dev
   as well
2) Maybe you have luck downloading the source of the woody or sid
   package. For mutt you would have to go to
   Down the page there is a 'Source Code' line. Download the 'dsc', the
   'orig.tar.gz' and the 'diff.gz' files into some directory, go to that
   directory and enter 'dpkg-source -x name-of-dsc-file'.
   This will give you an folder with the program source, debian patches
   applied and the possibility to build a package from that easily by
   entering that folder and issuing 'fakeroot debian/rules binary'.
   If you're lucky this will give you a nice deb package suiting to your
   system. If you're unlucky come back here :-)
3) If you want to compile by hand use GNU stow at least. It saves a lot
   of hazzle (just my 2c).

Karsten Heymann <karsten.heymann@gmx.de> <karsten@ecology.uni-kiel.de>
CAU-University Kiel, Germany
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