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Re: minimal wine confing?

>>> Stan Brown writes:

  Stan> I'm building a Debian woody box to replace my wifes HP-UX
  Stan> worksation.
  Stan> One of the +must haves_ from her is the ability to play
  Stan> the Windoze version of solitare (which she does using
  Stan> WABI, remeber WABI?). Yes, I've shown her several of the
  Stan> native versions, she wants the Windoze version.
  Stan> Seems to me I should be able to do this with wine, right?
  Stan> I don't want to bring up the whole Windoze desktop, just
  Stan> run the sol.exe, and have it pop up in the exisitng Gnome
  Stan> desktop.
  Stan> Can anyone point me to s HOWTO for this? Or show me a
  Stan> working config file?

Marcel Gagne had a pretty good article about WINE in the January,
2002, issue of "SysAdmin".

You should be able to see the article online at
http://www.samag.com/documents/s=1824/sam0201a/0201a.htm .


- Bill
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