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Re: fetchmail

* Alan Chandler <alan@chandlerfamily.org.uk> spake thus:
>>>> What is in your ~/.fetchmailrc?
>>> I don't have one.  From what I understood, if I specify everything I
>>> need on the command line, I don't need one.
>> Then what was the arguments you used on the command line to run
>> fetchmail with? My guess is that some other user on the system has
>> the mail. Did you specify `user someone is someoneelse here' where
>> someoneelse is different from the login you're currently using?
>> It's just a guess, but that is all anybody can do really, since you
>> are not providing any information about how you invoke fetchmail.
> The other possibility is that fetchmail didn't fetch anything.  I am
> not sure why the log lines that Ken posted in another branch of this
> thread kept saying "(not flushed)"

That is because he specified the "-k" (or "--keep") option. That makes
fetchmail leave a copy on the server (i.e. if you're using imap).


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