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Re: setting up mail server

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On Saturday 19 January 2002 4:11 am, Adam Majer wrote:

> Of course they are going to not allow other e-mail addresses to be used!
> Otherwise their smarthost becomes a spamhost.

That doesn't necessarily follow.  Provided they know that the connection is 
from one of their authorised dial-up users (remember the original posters ip 
address was in the DUL) then they can allow any messages from there regarless 
of the envelope sender address.

It is (very remotely - with dialup) possible that the dial-up user is 
allowing messages to be relayed through his MTA (possibly without realising 
it) - but even in this case the spam blocking services normally regard the 
ISP as an "outgoing" relay with  slightly less stringent controls.

I have broadband connection and as you can see from the headers on this 
message it is relayed through my ISP.  Now they DO suffer from customers MTAs 
as relays, but they have restriction in the AUP, and (I am led to believe - 
my firewall would drop attempts) they actively scan for relaying
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