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Re: More control over fetchmail debug interval

Greetings Dougie,

On Fri, 18 Jan 2002 14:34:56 
Dougie sat down and exclaimed to debian-user@lists.debian.org:

> At the moment I run fetchmail with 
> 	OPTIONS="--daemon 3600 --syslog"
> in /etc/default/fetchmailrc. This works fine but I don't really need it 
> checking mail overnight, making unecessary calls to my ISP. Is there a
> way that I could configure it to be a bit more specific about the times
> it checks?
Your best bet would likely be to run it as a cron job.

> I'm experimenting whether I can start fetchmail in background mode, but 
> without a checking interval. If this is possible, perhaps I can set up a
> cron job that will run fetchmail hourly between, say, 9 to 5, which
> causes the background fetchmail to wake up and check the mail, and do
> nothing overnight. 
Cron would allow you to run fetchmail at eg. 5 min past the hour from 9 to
5 (9 - 17), and then shut off over night. Mind you I'm doing this over a
DSL, so I don't know whether you would have to call a ppp app first. 
> Dougie

C. Masters

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