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Re: setting up spamassassin (alternative)

On Thu, Jan 17, 2002 at 09:27:36PM +0000, Alan Chandler wrote:
| On Wednesday 16 January 2002 2:33 am, dman wrote:
| > I'm now trying to set up spamassassin on my system, but am running
| > into some hurdles.  I use exim as my MTA, so I'm following the guides
| > at
| >     http://bogmog.sourceforge.net/document_show.php3?doc_id=28
| I have had a look at some of those (including briefly at that one) and they 
| seemed a bit complicated to me.  I "think" I have succeeded in making it work 
| reasonably well in the last day or so using my own method which is documented 
| below.  Since this is debian, spamassassin is also bundled with spamc/spamd 
| pair which is infact what I use.

That's cool.  I haven't looked to see how to run spam[cd] yet.

| #  This transport does a spam check to look for spam and then re-injects
| #  the message into exim

|   command = spamc | exim -oMr spam_checked -f $sender_address \$LOCAL_PART
|   use_shell = true

Can anyone else comment on the fragility or robustness of this?  I
think Paul's expansion to use "mailer-daemon" instead of the empty
string in $sender_address is good (otherwise the shell won't see any
arguments here).  How about that $LOCAL_PART too?

| And thats it - it uses the same principals as the other schemes - but these 
| seem to have long complicated perl scripts to do what I complete entirely 
| within exim.

Right, though Paul and I have the command part set as a separate shell
script for now.



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