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Re: Removing dependancys

also sprach James Di Toro <jditoro3@coastalcreditllc.com> [2002.01.17.2318 +0100]:
> Just what does that mean, will the packages still be there and i'll have to 
> remove them still or does it imply further that they will be removed as 
> well?  Also will that act recursively so that multiple levels of depends 
> will be backed out?

i think you might want to look at the 'deborphan' package:

 deborphan finds "orphaned" packages on your system.
 It determines which packages have no other packages
 depending on their installation, and shows you a list of
 these packages. It is most useful when finding libraries,
 but it can be used on packages in all sections.

and then later consider using 'debfoster':

 After that, it maintains a list of packages that you want to have
 installed on your system.  It uses this list to detect packages that
 have been installed only because other packages depended on them.  If
 one of these dependencies changes, debfoster will take notice, and
 ask if you want to remove the old package.

 This helps you to maintain a clean Debian install, without old
 (mainly library) packages lying around that aren't used any more.

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