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Re: init 5 ?

On Thu, Jan 17, 2002 at 12:46:41PM +0200, Theo Bierman wrote:
|   hi all, thanks for the replies. sorry but i'm still battling. in
|   inittab i have this:
|  # The default runlevel.
| id:2:initdefault:
| now i would have thought to, that if you change it to
| id:3:initdefault then all is well

All is well, if runlevel 3 is what you want.

| however Runlevels 2-5 are multi-user (as per inittab)

Yeah, this just means that people can login.  Otherwise only one user
(perhaps just root) can login.

| so if 2 boots straight into X then how will 3 make it boot to "what
| i thought was init 3" ie not X. 

If you modify the runlevels yourself, then 2-5 are all *identical*.
Which level means which is wholly up to you, the admin.  If you don't
want X to start at boot time you have 2 choices :
    1)  remove the display manager, if you're not going to run it you
        don't need it (but if you want to use it later, might as well
        keep it)
    2)  disable it;

#2 is done by removing the S99gdm link (if you have gdm) in /etc/rc?.d
where "?" refers to the run level.  If you want to mimic a RH config,
go to /etc/rc2.d and remove the link there.  If you want runlevel 3 to
have no X, go to /etc/rc3.d and remove the link.

I repeat : the runlevels have no distinct meaining except for what
*you* (the admin) give them.



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