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Re: base files for woody?

"Greg C. Madden" wrote:
There is not a base.tgz package for woody. There has been a change from
the way Potato did the install.

I have been 'installing' Woody here on numerous boxes. I have used two
methods,  the two boot disks & the net-install iso.Both with no
problems.There is not a 'base-install' package, it installs the base
system  by downloading & installing individual packages.

When I tried to install woody several weeks ago,
I got to the stage where I should be gaining access
to the internet. But, my access is via ppp, and
the floppy images for the initial steps seemed not
to have a functional ppp configuration.

I requested help at the time on this list. I got
a number of private responses that indicated to me
that other people had failed and given up. I think
there is a problem here. Some people are lucky.
Some people are unlucky. This is not the way it
should be.
Paul E Condon 
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