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Re: Fetchmail Problems with Retrieving Mail

On Sat, Jan 12, 2002 at 10:11:35PM -0800, Mark Wagnon wrote:
> Hi all-
> Well fetchmail seems to be acting up on me here. I'm running 5.9.6-2,
> and haven't figured out how to run it as a system wide daemon yet, so
> I'm still doing the fetchmail -d 300 when I log in. Anyway, for some
> reason it stopped retrieving mail. I killed the process and tried
> running it with the -vvv options to see what I could see. Well, it
> would see a bunch of messages (around 220) and crap out when it
> started to retrieve them. I wish I had saved the output, but I didn't
> (sorry). I did a little looking around in the archives and found a
> reference to an issue with it when retrieving a lot of messages. I use
> my Yahoo mail account for the list so I just logged in via http and
> deleted a bunch of the list messages. I then tried running fetchmail
> again, and it worked like a champ, grabbing the 5 messages with ease.
> My question is...anyone else experiencing this and know how to address
> it?

I have the same problem w/ my Yahoo account.

On a retreival of a certain message server drops connection.

You have to go into webmail account (which may be inaccesible for
around 10 mins or so after attempt), and move all messages to a
different folder.  Then go through all of them until u see a "You
browser sent a malformed request to the server".  Delete move that
message.  All the messages you could read through web interface are
safe to move back into Inbox and receive with fetchmail. After a while
problematic message gets accesible again. I have no Idea what is
causing this a effect, by message from certain people on the list seem
to "become problematic" more often then others.

Perhaps one could write a script to automate this, but I didn't try.

If anyone has solution/knows why this is happening I would be gald to

> TIA!
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