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Re: squirrelmail: apache/php and register_globals

On Fri, 11 Jan 2002, martin f krafft wrote:
> the php.ini setting works perfectly, *unless* you try to override it, in
> which case it will *always* and *automatically*, without warning, and
> without futher ado, turn itself off by the time that the first actual
> script is parsed. this should not be, i find.

Your php4 is stoned. Mine does not do this.

Are you sure that, for some weird, bogon-spurned reason, you don't have
something overriding your php_value, such as a stray .htaccess?  What does
the apache runtime config info module (I forget the name, it is the
companion to the one that creates the /server-status URL) say?

> research indicates a deeper problem. #128226 states that
> register_globals ought to be on for each and every subdirectory that
> uses PHP files, not just the main one, but even in the main directory,
> phpinfo(INFO_CONFIGURATION) confirmed what i found.

Well, I did the fix for #128226, and it works here. I had to actually
upgrade to CVS squirrelmail to get it to work properly, but that was already
expected, AND it did log on before the upgrade to cvs...

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