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Re: printing stopped working--any ideas?

>Please post the output of lsmod, the end several lines of /var/log/lpr.log,
>/etc/printcap, and /var/log/cups/error_log.  This may give some
>indication of what's going on.

Here's the lsmod output:
	Module                  Size  Used by
	vmmon                  18436   0  (unused)
	rtc                     5272   0  (autoclean)

Here is the recent /var/log/lpr.log output (just after a failed print job):
	Jan  6 19:45:11 lacall-hat lpd[230]: restarted
	Jan  8 07:01:06 lacall-hat lpd[200]: restarted
	Jan  9 18:16:56 lacall-hat lpd[230]: restarted

Here is /etc/printcap:
# /etc/printcap: printer capability database. See printcap(5).
# You can use the filter entries df, tf, cf, gf etc. for
# your own filters. See /etc/filter.ps, /etc/filter.pcl and
# the printcap(5) manual page for further details.

lp|Generic dot-matrix printer entry:\

# rlp|Remote printer entry:\
#         :lp=:\
#         :rm=remotehost:\
#         :rp=remoteprinter:\
#         :sd=/var/spool/lpd/remote:\
#         :mx#0:\
#         :sh:

Note that I can't even cat filename > /dev/lp0. Absolutely nothing happens that I can see. Also, when I Print from Gimp (I have a CUPS and gimp-print setup), then check "lpstat", I briefly see something in the queue, then it disappears without any action to the printer. And this was all working a month ago before I started messing with kernels; still stumped; I thought I'd changed everything back to how it was!


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