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Re: Mozilla & Address Books

>>>>> "Ron" == Ron Johnson <ron.l.johnson@home.com> writes:

 Ron> Thanks.  Are there any network-based address books that I (using
 Ron> kmail, but maybe switching to evo1 or mozilla-mail) and my wife
 Ron> (using Outlook Express, but soon to be going to Linux) can use
 Ron> to share addresses?

 Ron> I don't care how had it is to set up, just so long as she can
 Ron> easily add new names to the address book.

I spent some time yesterday getting openldap going for exactly this
purpose.  I want to share address books between mozilla and pine.
while in the middle of the process a possible show-stopper occured to
me: can mozilla (and pine) *create* new entries in an LDAP directory?
I suspect they cannot, and therefore LDAP is nearly useless to me.

anyhow, I'm going to keep going, and see what happens.



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